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Online Banking Administration

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Welcome to the Compeer Online Banking Administration page. This page provides guidance on setting up Online Banking permissions for yourself and your staff. This is intended for individuals with “supervisor” rights within your organization.
  Site Permissions
Our system enables some individuals to define the levels of service and permissions for their Online Banking account. These are identified within Online Banking as “supervisors”. Persons without supervisor permissions are known as “sub-users”. Sub-users will not have any ability to change their own permissions. 

Sub-User Enrollment
As a supervisor, you will be able to enroll by going to the login page, entering your user ID and going through the Forgot Your Password process (see instructions at Your new password will come right to your email address on file. Please note that a supervisor will need to enroll sub-users as outlined below before sub-users can access the site. To enroll each sub-user, login and go to Business Apps--Administration--Manage Users. Click on the user you want to enroll and then perform the following tasks:
  1. Click the “Reset Internet Password” button and use the system-generated password or create your own custom password for the user.
    1. You will need to communicate this password to the individual sub-user.
  2. Next, click on the “Enroll For One Time PIN” button and verify the sub-user’s contact details. These will need to populate accurately in order for the sub-user to successfully login each time (see Managing One Time PIN below for more details).

Managing One Time PIN (OTP)
One Time PIN (OTP) is a temporary password service, also known as two-factor authentication. The system will deliver a 6-digit numeric code via a voice, text or email message. The system will only use the phone number, mobile number and email address that are already associated with your Online Banking account.
Supervisors can set their own OTP contact information once they have authenticated into the online banking system. Supervisors can also modify the OTP information for sub-users, which allows for accurate and flexible OTP options once they sign in.

To review and modify sub-user OTP information, login and navigate as follows:
  • Business Apps--Administration--Manage Users
  • Select a user and then “Manage One Time PIN Settings”


Setting Sub-User Access
  • Services – Each sub-user will have a number of services they may or may not be entitled to use. Supervisors can restrict access within the “Manage Users” section by checking or unchecking appropriate boxes. Most services will default to the “on” position. 

  • Accounts – Each sub-user can be granted access to any of the loans or accounts available for your operation using a drop-down menu. Select the loan you want to add for their use and click on “Add Account to User’s Permission List” and it will appear in the list above. Remember to check the View, Withdraw and/or Deposit boxes to apply permissions. To remove an account from a user, uncheck all of the permissions checkboxes and save.


Setting Sub-User Transaction Permissions
Sub-users may be granted access to certain types of transactions and not others. For most sub-users, there will be options for the following transactions:
  • Transfer - Moving money to and from a bank account you own
  • ACH Payments - Setting up and paying individual payees via electronic payments
  • Payroll – Setting up payees and performing direct deposit for payroll transactions
  • Wire – Setting up beneficiaries and sending wires online
Each transaction type has separate permissions and options:
  • Draft – Enables a sub-user to set up a payment/transfer/payroll transaction, but will require another person to authorize that transaction.
  • Authorize – Enables the sub-user to authorize a transaction drafted by another person.
    • NOTE: Often, sub-users are granted both so they can draft and authorize, enforcing an internal control that requires at least two people to be involved in a transaction before it will be sent.
  • Full – Sub-users with full permissions can draft a transaction and submit. No dual authorization is required.
Managing Payees and Categories
ACH payments, payroll and wire functions also have settings for Manage Payees and Manage Categories:        
  • Manage Payees – Allows a sub-user to set up new payees. This can be done either by manual entry or by importing a list of payees from your accounting system. 
  • Manage Categories – As you become more familiar with the system, you may want to create categories for payees. Sub-users with Manage Categories permission can create and edit categories and assign payees to various categories. Permissions can be restricted/granted based on categories once they are established.
    • To establish a category, go to Business Apps--Categories (grey menu bar) and add a category. Once a category is created, payees can be assigned to that category and additional permissions or restrictions can be granted to that category of payees.
Setting Transaction Limits
Along with permissions to transact, the supervisor can set user limits for each transaction, as well as per day, week and/or month.

For this example, the sub-user is assigned full permissions to perform transfers, but is limited to $5,000 per transaction, a daily limit of $25,000, a weekly limit of $100,000 and a monthly limit of $250,000.


Setting Account Permissions
Some accounts may need to be restricted from use in certain transactions. The system will automatically limit by transaction availability, but you may only want an operating line to be used for payroll or ACH payments. In the Accounts permissions screen, you can set permissions by transaction type for each loan. Just check and uncheck permissions as you want.


Scheduling ACH Payments
Instead of loading an entire transaction file each period, the Compeer Financial Online Banking system enables sub-users to enter or upload payees and even import payee files from accounting systems. The sub-user then schedules the payments using the send date or effective date options and can even schedule recurring payments for each payee.


Adding a Transfer Account
To transfer money to or from an external account that you own, please contact Compeer Financial at (800)705-6603 for assistance.

Sending Secure Email
At times, you will need to send a secure email to a Compeer Financial team member. Please use our secure email service to send confidential information.