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5 Ways to Tell Your Farming Story

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As farmers, we are told over and over to “tell our story.” But how do we do that? It's really simply a matter of talking about what we do on our farm and why we do what we do. That’s it. So here are five things you can do, starting today, to tell your story.
  1. Talk to Your Circle. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about what you do on your farm and why you do it. Talk about your triumphs, as well as your frustrations. Be real. Be honest. Be transparent. The best time to have these conversations is during “down” time. Family reunions, gatherings at church activities, community events or any other recreational events where face-to-face conversations are customary provide perfect opportunities to tell your story. Remember to listen and answer questions.
  2. Write a Letter to the Editor. If there is an ag-related hot topic happening in your community or any other general ag topic that you feel needs addressing, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. You can also talk to community leaders sharing your perspective on issues and how they will affect you. Remember to always take the high ground and be respectful.
  3. Take Pictures and Video of What You Do on Your Farm. Share them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Instagram or SnapChat. Be assured you don’t have to use all the social media platforms — just pick the ones you like and are most comfortable with. Videos and pictures are “hot” right now in social media and great tools to share your farm story.
  4. When You Meet New People, Don’t Be Afraid to Share What You Do. Don’t back away from these opportunities because honestly, these can be some of the most effective (and fun!) ways to share your story. So, talk to taxi cab drivers and people you encounter in restaurants, hotels, airports, grocery stores, and school or sporting events. In other words, talk about what you do with anyone who is willing to have a conversation with you.
  5. Invite People to Your Farm. I understand that not every farm is able to do this because of biosecurity concerns, but if you are able, this is a great way to tell your story. There is nothing more impactful than face-to-face contact and in-person conversations. As an alternative, you can use social media tools such as Facebook Live, Periscope or video to give people a “virtual” tour of your farm. Remember to smile and be personable!
If you take it in bite size pieces, you can start telling your story today. The most important part is that you do something. For more tips and insights subscribe to our production agriculture e-newsletter.
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