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Finding your Home Construction Advisors

Ty Rohloff
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My name is Ty Rohloff, and I work with clients everyday on navigating the home construction process to build their dream home in the country. 
Today I want to spend a little bit of time talking about a team and what a team means in the home construction process. When you think about it, there's a lot of parts to building a home and there's even more challenges when you're building out in the country through a rural mortgage, especially on larger tracks.
With that being said, I’ll break it down into three main components. So when you're thinking about home construction you want to do your research. It will likely be one of the largest purchases you're ever going to do and the largest investment that you're going to make. So when you're doing it, you want to do it right.
I always start off by recommending that you do your homework, and educate yourself. Take a look at different magazines that are out there to see what's new. Also looking at what friends have done. What was their experience? What would they do differently? There are so many trade shows depending on which area you're in, to go out and get great ideas; you really want to do that due diligence before you get started on things.
So now that you've got a plan, you need to figure out what's important to you. Does your family want to grow? Where do you want to go? What does this home look like? I've had it explained to me a lot of times that it's a forever home and to me that's huge. So with that being said, you put some ideas together and you're next logical step is going to be to find a builder or someone that draws designs. Start by putting a concept together. With the technology out there, there's 3D modeling, you might spend a couple thousand dollars, but again, this is the biggest investment you're going to make, spend the time to do the homework and get it exactly the way you want.
From there you're thinking about, "Okay, I've got a lot of great builders in my area, who do I pick? Where do I go?" In regards to a builder, a lot of fine ones out there. Get some background, what work have they done? What kind of work do they do? To me one of the things that I always look for in that proposal is what kind of specs do they include? How thorough are they? Am I going to have single pane windows, double pane windows or triple pain windows? What kind of insulation? What kind of flooring? Talk about all those things ahead of time so that you and your builder are on the same page before you start. I've never seen a project that goes start to finish exactly as planned, there's always changes. Good communication is key.
The last part that I really recommend is working with your lender. Your home mortgage lender is the one there to support you in the event that something happens, something comes up to get a neutral third party opinion on, rely on that person to be part of your team when you're going through the building process. I generally recommend about a year from start to finish. And that gives the borrower enough time to do enough planning, get the right people in place, and also to get the home of their dreams or that forever home.
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