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Creative Home Financing for the Goetz Family

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Home > Education & Events > September 2018 > Creative Home Financing for the Goetz Family

Cory Goetz: We met in college at North Central University, up in the twin cities. I saw her across the crowded chapel. So, I went over and tried to play it cool, introduced myself and made some small talk. And she completely to this day, does not remember it. It made no impact on her life, and it was a complete fail.

When we moved here, we didn't really know how long we'd stay in Austin. We both moved from larger communities, and Austin didn't seem very exciting at the time. But it's been a great place to grow as a family. And it's been a great place to raise our kids; it has really become home.

You could probably say that this is the house that YouTube built. I would be here late at night, and I couldn't call a friend, because they were probably asleep. So I'd pull out my phone, and I would just search on YouTube, how do you do this? It was quite a process. Because I was doing it myself, it took a lot longer. We were working with another rural mortgage lender at the time. We came towards the point where they wanted us to be completed, and trust me, I wanted us to be completed too. But it just wasn't happening in the timeframe that they wanted to work in. And so, they came to us and they said, "Well, if you don't get this done to this point, within the next 30 to 60 days, we're going to have to foreclose on you." I was working feverishly, as fast as I could. But it wasn't fast enough for them. And their solution to the problem was to foreclose on us. It was just really frustrating from a customer service standpoint, because they weren't willing to do anything outside of their policy, or try creative home financing, or even think outside the box a little to make it happen. But then came Jean with Compeer Financial. From the minute that she got on our case, and got involved, she did nothing but work to help fix our problem.

Jean Dikken: I felt bad for you guys and said, "We're gonna do this." Figure out something, or somehow, we will get this done.

Cory Goetz: It was still a messy thing, and we made Jean work for it. And she really had to crunch numbers, and she had to be creative to help us finance our rural mortgage.

Jean Dikken: I don't take no for an answer. I like to work for people.

Angie Goetz: Suddenly, we had someone who was on our side. Who was going to bat for us. Who wanted to work hard for us.

Cory Goetz: If you're looking to finance your country home loan, and you're looking to get into a project, I would definitely stop and talk with Compeer. They have some great flexibilities that some other rural mortgage lenders don't. The customer service was out of this world. Incredible. And they did everything they could. Jean specifically, just worked to get us through what we needed to get us through and to get us to the place where we had that loan secured and where our family was secure and taken care of.
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