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Families around the country are following their hearts and moving to their dream home in the country.  For many, the privacy, open air and opportunity to manage a small business are a huge draw, which adds up to increased demand in hobby farm properties.  However, hobby farms don't usually fall into traditional lending categories. With outbuildings, barns, pastureland and tillable acreage, these non-conforming properties often face significant challenges in securing affordable long-term, fixed-rate mortgages.

Our Correspondent Program is specifically designed for Rural Homes and Hobby Farm properties that often fall outside traditional guidelines. The RuraLiving® home mortgage product is offered on a non-delegated correspondent basis which gives you the ability to originate and close the loan in your name while we underwrite, purchase, and service them.  Our program is available in all 50 states to Mortgage Bankers, Banks and Credit Unions. 

A few program highlights include:

  • Long-term competitive fixed rate options for a niche market in rural areas

  • Flexible appraisal requirements for rural areas

  • Opportunity to open up a new segment of business not only for you but your realtor contacts as well

  • We provide a dedicated and experienced team to help you through a simple and convenient loan process

Typical Property Characteristics

  • Owner-occupied primary residence

  • Home with acreage ranging from 5 to 160+ acres 

  • Outbuildings – Barn, Silos, and Stables

  • Schedule F Income

  • Farm Animals

  • Pastureland

Contact one of our Correspondent Reps to learn more and to see if this program is a fit for your company.

Jenna Evan
VP Lending Relations
Mobile: 715-928-3470
Matt Feigner
VP Lending Relations
Mobile: 480-622-8656
Jessica Sacre
Partner Lending Specialist
Office: 515-252-2793
Mobile: 515-518-7513